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About Us

We believe that every person should be able to live a healthy confident lifestyle, without the self-consciousness that comes from common skin conditions like Keratosis Pilaris.

That's why we started BeyondKP... It's our mission to use our science-based expertise to help you manage and improve rough, bumpy skin.

With our combo of products that actually work, and myth-busting info for managing your skin health - we're here to help you leave your skin worries behind!

Our Founder

Our founder Linda Hooi is a community-focused pharmacist, compounding expert and product innovator...

Linda's own struggles with KP and severe dry skin inspired her journey to become a pharmacist and skincare expert, where she has helped many in her local community.

Now with BeyondKP, she hopes to help many more with her products & expert knowledge!

"As a child, I grew up suffering from eczema, KP, and severe dry skin, and as my family migrated to Australia, the change in climate wreaked further havoc on my skin. Throughout my teenage years, I was constantly frustrated by flareups, wounds or scars on my arms and legs.

My skin struggles have fueled a lifelong passion for helping and supporting people with skin health, and this is why I started BeyondKP.

I am so humbled to hear all the stories that you've shared with our team & community - I hope that our products can help many more of you with your skin health!"

- Linda

Our Products

Every product we formulate meets four criteria:

Product Effectiveness

Our products are formulated for effectiveness by accredited pharmacists and validated by qualified professionals.

Quality Ingredients

Our products are manufactured in Australia, using only scientifically proven ingredients.

Easy to Use

Our products are super-easy to use and won't add complicated steps to your skincare routine... so you can get on with living that healthy confident lifestyle!

No Animal Testing

We are an animal-friendly company - we do not test our products on animals.

Environment & Sustainability

We care deeply about our planet and take proactive steps to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our tubes are made from 70% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials, and we collect clean shredded paper from local print houses & pharmacies for use as packaging fillers.